Roku hd-XR Player

The Roku HD-XR Player is one of the newest innovations that have come on to the market in a long time. Though it is not going to fully replace TV and cable it is going to be the best answer to cable and satellite.
Roku HD-XR is a slim and compact little black box that has come out and its hot. It lets you stream a number of movies and shows from places such as Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Hulu Plus and more right to the HD TV that is your living room. It does just stop there but you can also listen to you favorite music from your iTunes and Pandora play list as well
It comes with a lot of unique features for the price which begin with 1080p support as well as optical and component outputs. It also comes equipped with USB port for your local media as well is very cute and small remote which lets you instant replay just about anything you watch. Added are dual band Wi-Fi making it the fastest and best selling steaming player to date.

Roku also features its own Channel Store with 75 plus channels from favorite services like Facebook,, and more. You will have to install every channel by simply logging into the Roku service from your computer and linking the Roku player to that account. Once you have completed this part of the set up process it gets even easier – the XDS player offers one of the best viewing experiences out.

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You can use the Roku HD-XR with just about every TV. The main thing your are going to need is a high-speed connection to the internet for regular video and 5 Mbps for HD video. If you cant connect your Roku player to your internet connection you will need a get a router.

The set up is easy and fast. It usually takes less than 10 minutes for the complete setup. First thing you have to do is plug the player in. Follow the on screen prompts and it will guide you through adding it to the network of your choice. The software is simple, powerful and flexible.

Product Overview

The Roku has worked very for well for me and my family. The quality of the picture is very clear and you can stream 1080p videos from service providers and video files off a USB connected drive. While you set up your device you will also need access to your computer on that same network that you will be using in connection with your player.

Also you will need to be able to see the TV as you will need to enter some codes when prompted. The channels will work as expected. For something so small the Roku HD-XR packs a major punch. All in all you might not replace your cable TV but its seriously going to save you more money in the long run. Offering high quality image and sound just got better and sleeker.

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